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How to benefit from the AMAP?

You must be a member of ENvertS: the annual subscription is 4€ for paid people, 2€ for unpaid people et 0€ for CPES students. Contact us by email or visit us during a distribution of the AMAP to become a member. This subscription allows you to have an account on our order platform and to be part of our mailing list, where information about the AMAP is communicated.

Comment commander les produits de l'AMAP ?

How to order AMAP baskets?

The school year starts with three test distributions in September. This enables you to discover how the AMAP works and what kind of products you can order. Order forms will be communicated through our mail list and social media. For these distributions only you will pay as you pick up your order, in cash.

The semestrial AMAP

Distributions will start at the beginning of each semester (early October and late January). For these you will pay in cheques addressed to the farmers only, and give us your cheques before the distributions start (post-dated cheques are possible for fruit, vegetable and brea). If you don’t have a chequebook, you can ask someone else to provide cheques for you and pay back this person in cash or with a transfer.

It is not possible to choose in advance what your fruit or vegetable basket will be made of, as it will depend on the season and on the farmer’s harvest. The farmers cannot communicate the composition of the baskets before the delivery because most of the time, they are prepared in the morning of that day.

Your AMAP order in five steps:

  1. Plan your basket orders for the whole semester on the order platform. New members of the association will receive their login information shortly before the orders start. For this reason, do not wait for the semestrial orders to start to pay your subscription! You are free to choose the products you want specifically for every week.
  2. Fill and sign your cheques for each farmer accordingly. Write your name on the back of the cheque, in the top left corner.
  3. Then, come to one of the payment booths to hand in your cheques and sign the AMAP commitment charter (charter S1 2022-2023).
  4. Register on one slot or two half-slots on the semestrial schedule to help us with the distribution, as part of your commitment. The schedule is a Perm’it calendar, you can find its link in the weekly newsletter and on this website.
  5. 5. Do not forget to retrieve your products on Tuesdays, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. If you do not come to pick them up, they will be given to a charity (Secours Populaire) after the distribution.

Punctual distributions

There will a few punctual distributions during the school year, where one or several other kinds of products are proposed (mushrooms, nuts, wine, honey, tisane, beer, zero-waste accessories…).You do not necessarily need to be a member of the semestrial AMAP to order for these distributions!

The order form will be communicated in the weekly newsletter, on this website and through our social media (Facebook, Instagram). We will also need more voluntary people for these distributions since we usually have a lot of products to distribute or have to do a second distribution during the week. If you cannot hold a permanence during the semester because you have classes on Tuesday evenings, this is your chance to honour your commitment to help with distributions at least once in the semester 😊

How do distributions work?

Regular distributions are on Tuesdays, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm:

Come to your distribution site with a bag and give your name to each stand so that the volunteers can check your order. It is your responsability to visit each stand to check if you have ordered anything: ENvertS will not be held responsible if you forget your products. Little tip: you can see what you ordered anytime of the semester through your AMAPj account.

If there is a piece of fruit or vegetable in your basket that you don’t like, you can try to exchange it with other people: you are very likely to find someone that likes it and might even wish to trade a different one.

Do not forget to bring back any plastic or glass containers, including plastic bags and trays (vegetable), yoghourt containers, juice bottles and egg boxes. Yoghourt containers returnable, but our farmers trust you and kindly don’t charge you for them. However, they expect to get them back! This is very important as we and the farmers rely on these to pack your products and we try to reuse everything!

If you are unable to come between 5:30 and 6:30, because you are in class for example, the best option is you ask someone to pick up your products for you. The alternative is to notify the board (enverts.bureau@youknowwhat) ahead of the distribution: your basket will be put aside so that you can pick it up later. However, ENvertS will not be held responsible if someone steals your products before you can come.

What is my role as a volunteer during a distribution?

Helping during at least an entire distribution (or two half-distributions) is part of your commitment as member of ENvertS’s AMAP. This is essential for the functioning of the AMAP, but it is also an opportunity to meet new people and spend a convivial moment!

You will receive a reminder email shortly before the distribution for which you signed in on the schedule. Slots start at 5:15 and 6:00 pm respectively (make sure you are on the right distribution site). If for some reason you are not able to come, you can ask someone else to replace you, or, as a last resort, unregister from the schedule (please notify the board if you unregister after you have received the reminder email).

Holding a distribution is no rocket science! The only requirements are to be able to distinguish a zucchini from a cucumber, and to know your alphabet. Just follow the instructions given by the members of the board who will be present, and do not hesitate to reach to them if you are encountering any issue.

The AMAP Solidarity Fund

We wish to make the AMAP affordable for everybody, and have created the AMAP Solidarity Fund (abbreviated CSA in French) in this aim. This fund relies mainly on donations and is used to provide financial support to people wishing to buy at the AMAP but who have a limited budget, so that they can benefit from high quality, local and organic products like everybody else.

If you think you might need financial support to pay your AMAP, do not hesitate to fill the application form, even if you are paid by the ENS. Each application is anonymized and evaluated by a committee of volunteers.

You can also make a donation anytime through this form, or by contacting the board.

Products and prices for the semestrial AMAP

Which basket size should I order? Here are some examples:

A full vegetable basket from June 2022, along with bread and eggs
Fruit baskets from June 2022

Half-baskets make half the weight of a full basket. The quantity of fruit and vegetables in one basket may vary a little bit from week to week, but their mean value is 10€ (actually closer to 11€ for vegetables).

Price list

This list is for information purpose only. Final prices are the ones indicated on the order forms.

Product Details Frequency Price
Vegetables Full basket Weekly  10,00 €
Vegetables Half-basket Weekly  5,00 €
"Condiment vegetables" (onions, scallions, garlic) Full basket Weekly  5,00 €
Fruits Full basket Weekly  10,00 €
Fruits Half-basket Weekly  5,00 €
Eggs Box of 6 Weekly  2,20 €
Potatoes 2 kg Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Goat cheese  6 cheeses
Every 2 weeks  6,50 €
Tomme goat  Unit
Every 2 weeks  5,00 €
Aperitif goat cheeses  Bag of 100g  Every 2 weeks  2,50 €
Goat cottage cheese  Box of 6  Every 2 weeks  3,70 €
Grated goat cheese  Bag of 100g  Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Cheese with honey  Unit  Every 2 weeks  2,20 €
Plain bread Entire/half (≈ 500g/250g)  Weekly  2,50 €/1,25 €
Seed bread Entire/half (≈ 500g/250g)  Weekly  3,00 €/1,50 €
Small pelt bread Entire/half (≈ 500g/250g)  Weekly  5,00 €/2,50€
Rye bread Entire/half (≈ 500g/250g)  Weekly  4,00 €/2,00€
Shortbread Bag Every 3-4 weeks  5,00 €
Small brioches Bag of 3 Every 3-4 weeks  5,00 €
Big brioche Unit Every 3-4 weeks  7,00 €
Brioche with pralines Unit (400g) Every 3-4 weeks  8,00 €
Croissants Bag of 4 Every 3-4 weeks  4,40 €
Pains au chocolat Bag of 4 Every 3-4 weeks  4,80 €
Hamburger buns Bag of 5 Every 3-4 weeks  5,00 €
Vegetarian pizza One slice Every 3-4 weeks  3,50 €
Lemon pie Unit (6 persons) Every 3-4 weeks  10,00 €
Chocolate pie Unit (6 persons) Every 3-4 weeks  10,00 €
Individual lemon pie Unit (1 person) Every 3-4 weeks  2,50 €
Individual chocolate pie Unit (1 person) Every 3-4 weeks  2,50 €
Sugar cake Unit (8 persons) Every 3-4 weeks  10,00 €
Semi wholemeal flour 2,5 kg Every 3-5 weeks  5,00 €
Cottage cheese Pack of 4 Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Plain yoghourt Pack of 4 Every 2 weeks  2,50 €
Flavoured yoghourt (blackcurrant/lemon/strawberry-rhubarb/strawberry/chestnut) Pack of 4 Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Chocolate or vanilla dessert cream 400g (2 jars of 200g) Every 2 weeks  3,00€
« Fais ta chèvre » (goat feta) Jar of 200g Alternating  4,50 €
Goat cheese with espelette pepper Unit (150-200g) Alternating  3,50 €
Spreadable cow cheese with pepper Jar of 150g Every 2 weeks  3,00€
Spreadable cow cheese with thyme and oregano Jar of 150g Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Goat cheese with herbs Unit (150-200g) Alternating 3,80 €
Goat cheese with curry Unit (150-200g) ALternating  3,80 €
Apple juice Bottle of 1L Every 2 weeks  3,00 €
Sparkling apple juice Bottle of 75 cL Every 2 weeks  4,00 €
Blackcurrant-apple juice Bottle of 1L Every 2 weeks  3,50 €